Session through Skype or Whatsapp - Earth Healing Acupuncture & Feng Shui

This session is only available internationally.

I guide you to get a more optimum flow of energy in your home with Feng Shui and Earth Healing Acupuncture which clears out old and dense energy.
This will help to support your health and attract more wealth and love into your life.
So if you want a golden home where you can easily manifest, this is it!

The price includes the different cures appropriate in Earth Healing Acupuncture, that you are instructed on how to place and checked by distance.
A space clearing session is included (emotional, mental and spiritual energy is released).

Price: 500.00 EUR - Value 550 EUR


Personal session

If you want help releasing stuck emotions, thoughts or experiences I can help you with Sound Healing and different releasing techniques.

Price: 99.5 EURO