Is your body and life in tune?

Aura balance - an unique form of sound healing

Sounds waves that are created by tuning forks are used in the energy field /aura field, that surrounds the human body - which creates deep relaxation and other physical and emotional benefits

It is a simple, effective and gentle treatment method
which can create deep and powerful changes

I have for a long time been looking for a powerful tool to supplement Feng Shui & Earth Healing Acupuncture (which often starts a personal and spiritual development)

Aura Balance Sound healing  is that tool - which goes straight to the core and releases subconscious programmes and stuck emotions.

I do the sessions online across time and space
People often return to the recordings and you can get benefits from rehearing the session. They will work just as powerful as if you were with me live in person.

Book me for an 45 minutes online session (recorded)

Price 95 Euros